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Suzanne's School of Dance Program

Suzanne's School of Dance, SSD, is offering a weekly dance class at Peas in a Pod for your child. 

What is it? Once a week, an experienced SSD teacher will give a 50-minute dance class at Peas in a Pod. This class is for kids ages 2-4 where they will focus on ballet and creative movement. It is designed to enhance their gross motor development, listening skills, and musicality all while nurturing their creative spirit.

How much does it cost? The tuition fee for this class is $44/month (3 months total). Payments can be made to Peas in a Pod.

What's the attire?

Girls - pink leotard, pink tights, pink skirt, and pink ballet shoes. These may be purchased at A Dancer’s Trunk, which is our store, or somewhere else. We do ask that the ballet shoes not just be slippers but actual ballet shoes for the dancer’s safety. This will be your dancer’s attire for the class as well as for their performance at the end of this session.

Boys - black stretchy ankle-length pants, a white t-shirt, and black ballet shoes.

To learn more about Suzanne's School of Dance, click here.

Dance Class
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