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Formal Kindergarten Readiness Program

Our school teaches a formal Kindergarten Readiness program in the Pre-K classroom. The structure of the classroom consists of small group and whole group instruction in all areas covered in the Texas Pre K Guidelines found at:


Our preschool classroom is enrolled in the Texas School Ready Project found at:


We deliver age-appropriate, high-quality instruction using the curriculum that was handpicked by the Children’s Learning Institute. The Children’s Learning Institute implements the Texas School Ready! project as an early education approach that serves at-risk preschool-aged children through shared resources between public and private early childhood education programs. The design of Texas School Ready! increases children’s school readiness through five evidence-driven components: research-based curriculum, technology-driven child progress monitoring, facilitated teacher professional development, ongoing teacher mentoring, and sustainability.

Children who are enrolled for 2 years in the Pre K class receive the best up-to-date early instruction in both whole group and small group form. Year 2 students participate in the early reading group instruction which fosters early reading. Students are equipped to read levels 1-3 or A-C books on their own or with a little help of the parent. Books are first read in class and then taken home to practice with parents. Your child will also increase their understanding of math, writing, science, and social studies concepts during their 2nd year at our school using daily small group and whole group instruction.

Our Pre-K classroom is specifically designed to formally prepare preschoolers for Kindergarten. Since we opened in 2010, we have taught 1st and 2nd year PreK students with huge success in continuing to grow them individually and move them forward even further. We keep you informed of their progress through assessment testing and parent conferences. These formal TSR assessments are conducted at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.



“My two older boys attended Peas in a Pod for two years. Both were beginning readers and writers by the time they entered public kindergarten. Most importantly, both of them had developed confidence and a love for school and learning!”

- Jennie Fortner

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