What Makes Us Different


Christian Environment

We implement a Hands-On Bible curriculum, teach mealtime prayers, read bible stories and memorize scriptures from the bible to help teach kids what it means to be a Christian and how to live their lives like Jesus. We love to focus on teaching the fruits of the spirit year-round. When our focus is on Christ-like character, we can more easily notice in our students how their words and actions are more and more like Jesus every day.

Dual Language Program

Peas in a Pod Learning Center implements a dual (two way) language program in the Kinder Ready classroom! We have also expanded the dual language program throughout the school to expose even more of our students! We introduce students to both English and Spanish languages at the same time in a simple and effective way preparing students to enter the dual (two way) language programs in the school districts at the Kindergarten level more prepared while enriching learning for all students attending our school.

Children are exposed to both English and Spanish on a daily basis through a combination of basic instruction and fun activities. As a result, they are provided with a foundation of bilingual skills that are becoming a necessary tool for success in today’s world.

Dual language education programs help to improve children’s learning abilities, grades in school, and career success.

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Enrichment Classes

Peas in a Pod Learning Center has formed a partnership with local enrichment teachers to offer enrichment classes, such as Brazos Valley Museum Science Youth Science Programs.

Texas Rising Star Accredited Program

We have applied for and are near completing the process of becoming a fully accredited Texas Rising Star program. Programs that participate in TRS meet higher quality standards than many other childcare programs.

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Texas Gold Standard

Our school has achieved the Texas Gold Standard for Pre K Center of Excellence from the Texas Education Agency or TEA.